Turning Point Alumni

The alumni community at Turning Point Care Center serves as support for our clients and incorporates fellowship and fun as an integral part of recovery.

Programs & Services

Alumni Events

Local alumni chapters help people stay in touch and support one another, and our annual events at Turning Point are a chance to celebrate recovery.

  • Zoom calls one week before each major holiday.
  • Motivational texts at least once per month.
  • A private alumni Facebook group for positive connection.
  • Annual cook-out for local alumni.

The Opposite of Addiction is Connection

Staying connected in recovery is one of the best methods for relapse prevention. We strive to nurture those connections long after treatment completion by offering a strong alumni program. It is important for individuals in recovery to establish a strong support system which often includes Alumni, AA/NA, Church or Celebrate Recovery.

We invite men and women in active recovery, who completed addiction treatment at Turning Point, to get involved in our alumni community! Participation is easy. Go to “Contact Us” at the top of this page, enter your information and include the words Turning Point Alumni in the message section.

You are welcome to join our Facebook group by going to “Turning Point Care Center Alumni Group” and clicking on “Join Group.”

Alumni are a vital part of our mission to bring lasting recovery to those struggling with addiction.

A Turn for the Better

Better Care for a Better Tomorrow