Adult Detox and Rehabilitation Treatment Program

We provide inpatient detoxification services and rehabilitation treatment to adult men and women in gender-specific environments with the goal of preventing relapse and maintaining long-term sobriety.

Adult Detox and Rehabilitation Treatment Program

Addiction Rehab Treatment

At Turning Point Care Center, our gender-specific detox program is designed to facilitate our patient’s path to recovery. Our philosophy involves discovering and understanding the root issue of substance use.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration close to 20 million people aged 18 or older had a substance abuse disorder in the past year. The addiction statistics are eye opening.

Turning Point Care Center offers a safe environment for adults to medically detox. The detox and rehabilitation professionals at our facility are with each patient throughout their journey of recovery.

Detoxification Services

At our rehab facility, detoxification is approached by using the most effective medications available to help reduce the uncomfortable and unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal that often prevent patients from seeking treatment.

As part of our inpatient detox and rehab programs, our treatment team works with each individual to design a treatment plan. Individual treatment plans will include group therapy, individual therapy, NA and AA Meetings, recreational therapy and more.

Our gender-specific treatment plans are based on the 12 Step model. Our therapists are trauma-informed and utilize different therapy techniques based on individual needs.

Why Choose Detox for Men and Detox for Women?

Our treatment center provides individualized treatment plans for substance abuse as part of our detox treatment program. Our treatment programs are gender specific which we believe allows individuals to feel more comfortable in group therapy.

Long-term substance abuse can increase the risk of serious health conditions. Turning Point Care Center’s inpatient rehab program allows our patients to have access to a seasoned medical team.

Getting help for addiction disorder by participating in a drug detox program can cause complications from withdrawals. With that said, our medical professionals at Turning Point Care Center are ready and prepared to deal with the complications of detoxification.

Drug rehab and alcohol rehab from our treatment facility is designed with you and your specific needs in mind. Turning Point Care Center detox inpatient program is here to help both men and women seeking help with overcoming addiction.

Our Mission at Turning Point Care Center

Treating just the physical symptoms of an addiction does not get to the root of the addiction, and the staff at Turning Point Care Center gets that.

Treating just drug abuse or sending a loved one to a rehab center that only treats the initial drug and alcohol addiction or withdrawal does not get to the root of the issue. The inpatient detox treatment program at our facility offers adults detox and rehab services to help each patient get the help they need for those struggling with addiction.

Turning Care Center also offers additional levels of care such as our PHP and IOP programs to provide individuals additional treatment and therapy opportunities on their recovery journey.

We want to provide individuals with the tools, skills and education necessary to move forward in a positive and productive manner. Using trauma-informed therapy to get to the root cause of addiction provides the opportunity for individuals to work on themselves in a focused environment.

Contact Us — It’s Never Too Late

The drug detox center at Turning Point Care Center provides a full continuum of care, from inpatient through to outpatient, for adults struggling with chemical dependency, acute psychiatric disorders or a dual diagnosis of both.

We serve substance abuse patients throughout the United States and our intake and admissions department accepts referrals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To make a referral or request an assessment, call 800-342-1075 or complete our contact us form.

Remember, it’s never too late too late to seek treatment for addiction — the staff at Turning Point Care Center are here to help each step of the way during the journey to recovery.

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